Pet Wellness Plans

Wellness Plans for PetsTo help you manage the costs associated with your pet's important annual wellness care, Hearthstone Animal Clinic offers age specific Pet Wellness Plans for your dog or cat.

When you subscribe to one of our customized wellness plans, your pet receives the same high-quality individualized medical care from our expert veterinary team for a very affordable monthly payment.

The cherished pet in your family deserves the kind of premium medical attention that can help deliver long-term wellness and a happy life, and you and your family can benefit from a plan that helps spread the cost out over the course of a year. We look forward to speaking with you further regarding all the benefits our Pet Wellness Plans can provide.

Pet Wellness Plans for Every Age and Stage

Hearthstone Animal Clinic's Pet Wellness Plans save money on the preventive healthcare that you were already planning to give to your other family member.Please click on the links below for more details and pricing.


Canine Wellness Plans


Premium Wellness Plan
Premium + Spay Wellness Plan
Premium + Neuter Wellness Plan

Adult Dogs

Wellness Plan
Wellness Plan + Dental
Premium Wellness Plan
Premium Plan + Dental
Canine Adult Basic Plan - Starting at $27/month!

Senior Dogs

Wellness Plan
Wellness Plan + Dental Premium Plan Years of Age
Premium Plan + Dental

Feline Wellness Plans


Kitten + Spay Wellness Plan
Kitten + Neuter Wellness Plan

Adult Cats

Adult Wellness Plan
Adult Wellness Plan + Dental

Senior Cats

Senior Wellness Plan
Senior Wellness Plan + Dental

How Do I Enroll?

Enrolling is easy. To learn more about choosing a Wellness Plan that's right for your pet, please call (281) 859-9244 to speak to a knowledgeable member of our staff. We are happy to help you!

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